Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My Slice of Life today has just got to be about my son and daughter-in-law. They are going through so much right now. First of all, they are expecting their first child together...a little boy due in August. We are all so happy about that, especially Kiann, who will be an older brother. He wanted a brother! They just sold their house a few weeks ago and were ready to purchase a lot to begin building their dream house. They had been waiting on the bank to give them the okay. They waited and waited and waited. Then all they needed was the former owners' signature. Those owners had divorced and moved away. The hunt began to find them. People were calling. People tried to find them. No luck. Then they found out they were on the run. So, the purchase of that lot which Todd and Beth had their heart set on, could not be bought.

Now they are looking again for another house. They have a couple that are not quite what they want plus they are much more than they want to pay. They want a house to bring that little boy home to when the time comes. Being sort of "homeless", expecting a baby, and stressed is not the best way to be. We are all praying for a miracle. They have worked so hard for this time in their lives. Hopefully, they will find the perfect house with the perfect price. We will put our faith in the One who holds the future!


Mrs. V said...

Best wishes for your daughter. I have not been through the buying/selling process very much, but it has always been stressful even when the end result ended up successful. I am sorry that your daughter and her family has this extra stress when they are also expecting a baby. Hopefully just the right house will come along that will make them glad that the original property did not work out.

NCavillones said...

There's still time! I wish the best of luck. We moved when I was seven months pregnant, into a rental, and still waiting to sell our old apartment. Until then, our lives are up in the air and the baby is coming in a few weeks! I know the feeling.