Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Parents are always anxious and nervous when their children start school. Being a primary teacher, I have experienced this over the years. As we prepared Dave for his first evening of school, we felt the same way. We had treats packed since he could not eat supper until after class. We didn't want any accidents. We had poop-bags in case there was an accident anyway. We had his leash...two sizes depending on what kind of exercises he had to do tonight.

Just like parents getting their children ready for the first school experience, we had trained Dave to heel, sit and down. We thought he did very well for a five month old puppy. Then we took him to class. He was so excited to see so many puppy friends of all sizes. Daddy took him through the class tonight. They did many practice rounds and met a few of the new puppy friends. Then Della, the instructor came into the ring. She is the same instructor that Murphy had for puppy class. We felt Dave did the heel, sits, and downs very well. He didn't have much practice with about turns, so that is his homework for next week. Yes, homework. We are to work him every night during commercials. So, my baby is now in school and we are very proud of him!

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