Thursday, March 4, 2010


This morning I was reminded of another of Dave's rituals. It all started when I was trying to hurry to get ready for work and Dave was in the mood to play. Well, Dave is ALWAYS in the mood to play! I was in the bathroom putting cream on my face. He was begging to have me play with him. I reached over and found some body cream, put it all over my hands and then rubbed his face with it. He loved it. He sat down and licked and licked his face. That gave me a little free time.

Next, I began brushing my teeth. Dave was back. He stood with his front legs on the counter and back legs on the floor. He was up to my waist in height. A very big boy! He loved the idea of water and something going into the mouth. I remembered we had doggy toothpaste for Murphy, so I dug it out along with an old toothbrush. I got the toothbrush ready, and then opened Dave's mouth and proceeded to brush. At the time, he still had many baby teeth and lots of gum area. He thought that was great.

Again this morning, I brushed my teeth...with toothpaste he does NOT like. Then I got out Dave's toothbrush, spread the mint doggy-flavor all over the brush and gave his teeth the once over. Now he has all his adult teeth and they are sparkling white. He even has great doggy-breath!!!


Kimberly and Ed said...

Dave likes his teeth! My dog doesn't enjoy it:-)

alotalot said...

I wish we had started that habit when our Sammy was a puppy. We spent a lot of money on his teeth later! Your Dave is so cute!