Monday, March 29, 2010


Only three more days of school and then SPRING BREAK!! Then on Saturday we pick up the grand kids and head for Indy and the airport. After flying to Dallas and then on to Phoenix. We had everything planned for here at home, at least we thought we did. The neighbor was going to feed the cats and Sarah was going to take care of Dave.

That is until we got to thinking about Dave. He is a five-month old puppy....a LARGE five-month old puppy. This is Easter weekend and Sarah had lots of action going on that weekend. We decided not to make her go through the puppy stage especially when Dave had never even been to her home. We looked into lodging and pet care places. It had to be the best of the best for our Dave. The problem was...everything was full. Then DD had a great idea. He called a friend of his who is a young 20 year old working and going to school. He asked her if she was interested in staying here and taking care of Dave AND the cats. Her answer? "SURE, I'd love to!" My sidebar comment was..."She hasn't met Dave yet!"

She came over tonight to meet Dave and the cats. She still is willing to take on the challenge and stay for five days with the wild guy. We are so excited about our trip. We get to spend time with Emma and Adrian and see their dad in Phoenix.

We will be staying in a resort where Andy, our son, works as a chef. It is practically on the campus of Arizona State University. I remembered that is where Frank Serafini is a professor, so I wrote to him. I wanted to know if he could give us some tips for places to go. He wrote back this morning with several good ideas. We are so excited and can't wait to get in that sunshine!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yippee for Spring Break! So glad you get to spend it with your grandkids, son, and sunshine. Your voice comes through in this Slice loud & clear.