Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today was one of those days where you feel like you are on the road more than anywhere else. Sounds like fun, but really it is tiring! I visited three schools with amazing coaches. I love having discussions, conversations and plain ol' problem solving sessions with them. I went from the south side of town, to the northwest side and ended on the northeast side. Trying to fit it all in within a time schedule is the hard part. I was looking forward to a quiet night at home just watching Idol. NOT!!!

On the way home I called The Big D and he started off with, "Did you get my message?" Since I had not been near my computer since 9:30 that morning, I did not see the message. Well, it seems that our oldest grandson was now going to be in the tournament wrestling match on the other side of the county tonight after all. I rushed home, fed the cats, gave Dave a short walk and headed back to the "big" city. We grabbed fast food (there goes my diet) on the way and made it to the gym in time to watch three sections of mats being used. We spotted our grandson in the stands, but he couldn't see us in the crowd. We waited and watched and tried to figure out when he would compete. Finally, we were rewarded with him entering the ring. Unfortunately, he got pinned. We watched a couple more rounds and then left for our drive back home, stopping to get Dave some Kong filler.

Just enough time to do my blog, check the email and watch Idol. Hope tomorrow is an easier day!

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MaryHelen said...

I do hope you have a quieter evening tomorrow. I hope to see you on Monday.