Saturday, March 27, 2010

Barbie's Birthday

We had a great party tonight in Fort Wayne for our friend and co-worker, Barb...alias Barbie. Everyone was to dress like Barbie or in 60's attire. The party was a SURPRISE for Barb. Her son from our west was here to join his twin. All her friends from work, church and family joined her. She was really a great sport about the whole thing. They even had ordered a "Barbie" outfit for her to wear. She and Kerry and also their boys were in full Barbie-wear.
All the coaches I worked with last year were invited. We sat at a table at the back and had the best time. It isn't often that we get to spend time together just talking. That is what we did tonight. We talked and laughed and ate and just had a great time. What a wonderful evening. It is great to have such terrific, fun friends and then to also be able to work with them is a real treat!

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