Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Last day of Slice of Life...but now I am in the routine, I will keep with blogging. Maybe not every day, but I will keep my blog up-to-date. Today I had the chance to visit a second grade writer's workshop. The teacher had told my partner and me about things that were going on in her room and we just had to see for ourselves. So, we took a trip to visit that room. It was so much fun being in a second grade again and watching kids love to write. We got to conference with writing partners and watch how they helped each other with their pieces. One little girl showed me a book she had written. On the front was the title and by_____. She had illustrations, too, of course. So I asked her who the illustrator was. She immediately said, "ME!" So we looked through books her teacher had as mentor text and found the front of many with either, illustrated by or pictures by. She decided she wanted to add illustrated by to the front of her book. The picture I have attached to my blog today is a bulletin board outside their classroom. It not only has pictures of kids being writers, but also has exactly what they are doing AND the standards that are addressed. What a perfect way to spend a spring day!

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