Monday, March 22, 2010


Con't from 3/21:
Yesterday was prep day for my procedure of the colonoscopy. Actually, what I was preparing for was what they call in slang terms: Flexible Sieg. The prep for this procedure is not as rigid as the full blown colonoscopy. Still, it was not comfortable or fun. I finished that at midnight.

This morning I started with the no eating or drinking segment. There were a couple other things that I had to go through, but I don't want to get down and dirty with that. The hardest part, honestly, was the not being able to eat or drink this morning. We left for the hospital at 9:20 since we live close.

For the procedure a driver is required to stay for the entire time and then obviously drive you home. The Big D volunteered to take off work and do that. He is a great support throughout the time spent going through this procedure. We arrived at the hospital and checked in. A volunteer took us up to the right area. He was wonderful at making us feel comfortable and at ease. In no time at all, I was in bed with a blue wrap that had spots for them to hook up heaters to my gown.

After filling out paperwork from the bed, gettng an IV hooked up and an explanation of what would happen, I was ready to be wheeled into the room for the procedure. I think this was the fastest I was "out" in all the times I have gone through this. The next time I was alert, I was back in the room waking up.

A quick trip through the McDonald's drive-through and I was home on the couch. The Big D left for work and I snuggled with a couple blankets to sleep the day away. I woke up at 5:00 after not even moving. Since I had not really eaten for two days we treated ourselves to a pizza from Pizza Hut.

The doctor told The Big D that things looked great and I would be back for a full-blown colonoscopy next February. I have been doing these for about 10 years. I really believe it is because of them that I have never gotten colon cancer. I have had some pre-cancer polyps and my doctor has been diligent in being on top of the issue. So, if you have not had a colonoscopy yet, I recommend you check with your family doctor and check it out!

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