Thursday, March 18, 2010


Cuts are happening all over the state. The governor has asked school districts to find ways to save money. He has even handed out suggestions. The district I work in has to make $15 million this year. Rumors are flying. Schools may be closed. Pink slips will be handed out to more teachers than I want to think. Teachers who are new to the district and some new to teaching, but excellent teachers.

Our school board and superintendent have made an effort to hold meetings where those affected by the possible closings could come and vent, ask questions, or give suggestions. Two of the meetings were held in schools that are considered being cut. The last meeting was held where the board always meets for their usual meetings. Tonight was that last meeting. All day there were people out front with signs marching. The meeting was emotional, enlightening and informative. I was able to watch it on Live Streaming, the first time for this to happen. I sat in front of my computer and watched the whole thing. What a great way to be involved in what is happening in our district. I was so impressed by how the board and superintendent handled the meeting. I was so impressed with the people who spoke. They gave those suggestions. They asked those questions. And they listened...along with the board. No matter what happens in the mess that we are going through, I am so thankful to have been a part of this school district for the past five years.


Stacey said...

Are these cuts happening because Indiana didn't make it to the final round of Race to the Top?

Kari Dyer said...

These are stressful times in Indiana. I worry about the new/newer teachers in my district, too. I'm empathizing with you and hoping all turns out well for you.

Anonymous said...

You post said it so well. Our school corporation is hurting as well. The five new teachers I have been mentoring have already been cut for next year. My heart is hurting!