Saturday, March 20, 2010


At 1:35 p.m. it was officially Spring...or close to that time anyway. With only two weeks to go until we go on Spring Break, it got me thinking about what all we had to do to get ready for it. We are again this year taking two of our grandchildren on a plane to Arizona to visit their dad, Andy. Last year we had such a good time with them that we promised we would do it again this year. Andy is going to school in Scottsdale to become a chef. He doesn't get back to Indiana enough, so we decided to go out there and see him. He already has our room ready for us at a hotel/resort where he is working as a "cook" getting ready to become a chef. It is near the University of Arizona so we are excited about being close to the school and everything that means.

To get ready for the trip we always buy and then fill a backpack for each of the kids. We purchased them last for Adrian and read for Emma. Adrian is in kindergarten and Emma is in second grade. We also bought a few small toys, some treats, an Easter bunny stuffed toy. Today we went to Barnes and Noble and found some books that were at their reading level and some math workbooks, too. We will fly out of Indy and make one stop in Dallas on the way out.

Getting ready to spend time with the kids and Andy along with just the excitement of being in Arizona again is helping me to get through the next two weeks. I am SO ready for SPRING!!!

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