Sunday, March 21, 2010


My Slice of Life today has to be about what I am focusing on most today. Actually, it is not focusing on today, but what tomorrow will bring. I am taking the day off from school. Sounds like a pleasant thought, right? Not really. I just finished taking my medicine to be sure I was ready for my visit to our local hospital. Nothing serious. Well, medically serious anyway. It is time for my dreaded colonoscopy. The procedure is not bad at all. In fact, I sort of enjoy it. The doctor comes in the room and asks how I am feeling. Then the nurse begins to let the liquid flow into my veins from the previous set intravenous tube. I really like the warm feeling that soon takes over. Once I really tried to stay awake and watch the little screen that showed what was happening. That didn't work. I don't do that any more. I just close my eyes and go into a blissful sleep. When I wake up I usually ask all kinds of questions. The only problem with that is, I don't remember that I asked them and I don't remember the answer the doctor gave me. Therefore, I ask them over and over and over and over until the doctor tells me to quit! Well, I don't know what he gets so upset for, he is the one who gave me the medicine to cause me to forget!

Tomorrow at 10:30 I will be peacefully asleep. Right now though...well, we won't talk about that!!! Bet you can't wait to see what my blog will be tomorrow, can you?

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-C said...

Yep, a blog post while you are still drugged would make for some interesting reading! My mom made the mistake of going to Walmart after one of hers. Her husband is a very, very patient man.

Thanks for sharing your writing today!

-Carrie F.