Friday, July 31, 2009


Thursday was a beautiful summer day, perfect for the pool. That is exactly what we did. We spent the day in or by the pool with year-old Audrey. What a perfect way to relax and watch what all she can do now.

She was toddling all over. She accepted Murphy since he just lays around and doesn't really bother her. Now, Oliver was another matter. She would see him walk near her and she would start to scream. Oliver had no idea why and continued on his kitty ways. They never did become friends, but he did get a little closer before she would start to cry.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Looking at the blog of: Two Writing Teachers, I found a prompt that I could write from today. It is: Today I...

Today I finally had a day to myself, a day with no other commitments. I made it an exercise day. Something I just never get time enough to do this summer.

I started out the day on the elliptical and bettered my time by a few seconds...just getting a better time is remarkable.

Then I walked the two miles around the addition. I had to stop and turn on the neighbor's pool while they are on vacation.

After that I worked on my 10 hour project and now only have two hours to go until I am finished.

Sarah called early and wanted to walk before noon. So, I postponed lunch and took off for her house. It was great doing our four miles earlier in the day.

I had some pool/reading time and even did a few laps in the hot sun. That really is something I haven't done lately.

After supper The Big D and I hit the road again and did the two mile loop around the addition. This time we turned off the pool!

Now I am ready to hit the basement to do some Hip Hop Ab videos.

Man, maybe I am glad I don't have time to do this EVERY day!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Living in a small town definitely has it's advantages. Waking up late after thunderstorms kept us and Murphy awake at 4:00 a.m., we decided to take a long walk. We headed west out of our addition and continued straight to Main Street. For a small town there were loads of people milling around the court house square. Yes, it was Farmer's Market day and all ages were strolling up and down the west side of the square looking at their wares.

One Amish lady shouted out to us, "Look at this pie. It is the last one I have, you better get it now." Since we were on a walk and not a shopping spree, we moved on. We headed south for several blocks and then right before we got to the park we turned east and made our way home traveling about five miles.

I jumped in the shower since the day had turned sunny and hot and the sweat was dripping off me. Then I grabbed my purse and we drove to the same court house square. This time we were thinking of lunch. We rushed into our favorite Saturday lunch spot: Pizza Forum, right across the street from where the Farmers' Market was packing up for the day. We ordered our salads and pizza and then grabbed a table out front. As we sat and watched the people strolling along looking at the sidewalk sales the stores were having, we listened to the Auburn Community Band playing in front of the court house. People had brought chairs and some picnics. There were people making the curb their seat for the show. The band concluded the performance by playing a John Phillip Sousa march.

As the listeners gathered their chairs and made their way to their cars, one listener crossed the street toward us. It was our friend and former teaching buddy. He came over and sat with us as we ate our salads. Others walked by and made comments about how good our food looked. (It tasted even better.) I took a few pictures and we collected our plates and returned them inside as we paid our bill. There is no place better to be in the summer than small town, USA!

Friday, July 24, 2009


On my Facebook page last week, I made the comment that I was finally ready to enjoy my summer after weeks of being a trainer for summer school and three days at a conference in Cincinnati. A comment came back that said, "Kathy, the summer is almost over!" I realized that is true. I only had four weeks left. I knew I had to make the best of that time.

One of the ways I enjoy the summer is to visit the library for summer reads. I did have a pile of books by my bed that I promised myself I would read, so I was digging through those first. The library visit provided two new books by favorite authors and I am devouring those as I sit by the pool. (Another favorite activity.)

However, I had a couple professional books that were recommended to me this summer and I just had to start in on them, too. I thought you all might like to know what I was reading professionally for the summer, just in case you are anxious to get back in the groove.

The first one was recommended by a very talented, reading specialist. She told me her "bible" for reading was: The Fluent Reader by Timothy Rasinski. I ordered it and it came in the mail yesterday. I can't wait to dig in and find out more about oral reading strategies. The other book was recommended by a friend and future coach. She is very excited about her new role and has been doing some research on the subject. Her find was: Learning Along the Way by Diane Sweeney. I have been reading that for a few weeks now. I love it. Not just because my friend Marjory Ulm was Diane's coach and she is mentioned all through the book, but because it really gives me a focus on what FWCS could become.

Hope your summer is going slower than mine and you are enjoying EVERY minute of it. Do something fun for you and don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Going to Cincinnati brought back memories of my college days. Attending Cincinnati Christian University was a big step for this small town/farm girl. So, going back to those days in my mind as I listened to the top educators in the country was remarkable. We passed by Fountain Square and even took a side trip to Union Station which is now a museum. Next to hearing all the wonderful speakers, my favorite part was wandering the streets of Covington, KY. seeing the lofts, outside eating spots and sampling geleto. What a great learning experience! Thanks, Natalie, for the chance to experience all the training!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Murphy is....

...always willing to lend a paw,

...ready to be your best friend,

....someone to lean on,

...always able to laugh!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourth of July in Atlanta

We went to the Braves game. They even won that game!!! Braves win! Braves win!!
Braves win!!!
We had a great time in Atlanta. From seeing a Braves ball game the first night to running the Peachtree Race the last day, it was outstanding.

We went to the World of Coke and to the CNN Center...our usual hangouts!

This year we even walked over to Georgia Tech. The buildings were all closed but we got to wander the beautiful campus and hang out among the trees and quiet setting. Yes, the students were mainly gone, too!