Monday, March 8, 2010


Today I am going to brag about a school I visited this afternoon. I have been working with this group off and on for five years. I have grown to love them and feel like part of their school family. They are a hard working bunch who are always thinking about what is best for their kids!

They have taken on the challenge to make learning more personal for their students. They are doing all sorts of things in the classrooms. It doesn't look alike, but it all looks like things that will make learning fun and exciting. I want to tell you about just a couple things I saw today.

First, there was a group of first graders who just made a chart for their room about Quality Friends. This is what the chart said: Quality Friends--treating others the way you want to be treated;-is nice; -does not call you names; -is kind when you are hurt; -keeps your secrets. One class had a Class Mission Statement. It went like this: We will be a kid of good character, a good teammate and do our best to be a great learner. Another room had this chart: A STAR student: Is a good listener, treats others with kindness, does neat and careful work, and tries their hardest!

There were charts for showing the progress they were making in: math, words they could read, school attendance and weekly behavior. How can these children not get better when they have set their own goals and know what they need to do to reach them. I can't wait to see their progress!

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Bonnie K said...

Too bad we can't see this with some photos. Great time for good things to be talked about. I hope there won't be firings there.