Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Today Ruth and I talked about our blogs. We discussed what we might blog about and had several ideas. Coming home from Warsaw and the conference with Debbie Miller, I kept going over and over my ideas. I had learned so much from Debbie that it would be easy to share some of that learning. That was definitely a Slice of Life! I saw so many friends that I hadn't connected with for ages, too. That also was a Slice of Life! But, like many of my writing topics, I just kept coming back to the same one. So, that is what I'm going with today!

The conference was held in a huge high school...with the students there. The truth is, we never really saw them much. How in the world did they do that? We had around 250 people at the conference. It was packed. In that 250 group there were probably about five men. The rest, of course, were women. Not surprising for an elementary teaching group.

This is not usually a problem until one event...restroom break. The lines to the women's restroom are always LONG. The men's restroom is ALWAYS short! Today it really wasn't that bad. I figure some women were adventurous and found one farther away from the main lobby. Good for them.

Still not the main problem. At the end of the day, long after lunch, I decided it was time to hit the little girl's room one last time. I ventured in and did my thing. As I was zipping up my pants a voice called out: "Would you please pass some toilet paper to me?" A hand came out of no where under the side of the stall. I gasped and said, "Are you right beside me?" A weak voice said back, "Yes, right here. See my hand?"

I quickly pulled off a big wad and slipped it into the out stretched palm. "There you go," I told her. Then I heard, "Here you go. I have some, too." It was the person on her other side.

Ruth said in her blog, that it was the little things in life that made a difference. I must say I agree with that motto. Sometimes you never know how much the little things mean until they are not there!


Lynnelle said...

Too cute! When I saw Lucy in Dallas we stationed a "guard" outside of the men's room and borrowed it for a little while. :-)

Sarah Amick said...

Toooooo funny! What a wonderful slice of life story!

GirlGriot said...

So funny! A true slice of life!

I'm with Lynelle: 'borrow' the men's room!

Ruth (Two Writing Teachers) said...

i feel so honored that i made your blog, kathy. :) thanks.

love this slice. so funny. so true!

and it is the little things that make the biggest difference! :)