Sunday, March 29, 2009

SLICE OF LIFE: Day 29/31 Let's Hear it for the Cats!


This will probably be my last Slice of Life since we are leaving at 5:00 a.m. with a seven year old and a four year old for Arizona for four days. My Slice of Life is all about getting ready for this trip.
We have a golden retriever and two cats to farm out for the few days we are gone. Murphy, the golden, is no problem. He has a family that has been kind of a second home to him all his life. He will feel right at home and be very spoiled when we get back. The cats are another story.

Usually, cats are easy. Just put some food and water out, have clean litter boxes and you are set to go. Not with Oliver and Nickey. Nickey is very shy. He also has a touchy stomach. If he eats the wrong thing, or if he eats too much of something he throws up immediately. So, we give him a special canned cat food and 1/2 Pepcid AC on top two times a day. Then Oliver gets dry food for fat help him thin down. He also gets preds of some sort once a day and doxycycin twice a day. Now the topper is: you can not let them eat each other's food. Which is exactly what they want to do.

So, Oliver is visiting his vet for the four days where he, too, will be spoiled like crazy. They love him there! Nickey is the only one who gets to stay home. Our wonderful neighbors will come over twice a day to fed him. They will never see him because he will go hide as soon as he hears the door open.

Well, after that packing and getting our stuff ready is easy. So, I will be back by Thursday and hope to blog again on Friday. I'll let you know how the trip with two grandkids went and how the weather in the south is, too. Happy Spring Break!!!


Kelly Sandborn said...

The things we do for our pets! Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Our cat is a scaredy cat too. We had family here for an entire week and they never saw her. She hid in the basement the whole time.

Farming out pets is the hardest part of traveling for me.

Letterpress said...

I have a daughter and a son in Arizona, so I am familiar with some of that state--but never spending enough time as a tourist! I hope you have a great trip, now that you've got your animals safely settled. Enjoy the grandkids :)