Friday, March 13, 2009

SLICE OF LIFE: DAY 13/31--It's all about love!


It happens every day about this time. Things are winding down at our house. The t.v. is blaring away on some news program on Fox or a ball game of some sort. It is the time when my chores around the house are just ending and I am ready to crash. I have on my comfy sweats and fuzzy slippers and crawl onto the couch with a big glass of water. The cats are snuggled on top of the couch each facing a different direction, trying to ignore each other.

Just as I am either engrossed in my favorite novel or professional book I feel the eyes upon me. I try to pretend they are not there. I continue to read or watch the television program acting as if nothing else exists. But the eyes are still there: looking.

When I can take it no longer I look up. There he is staring at me with those big brown eyes. I know what he is saying...he doesn't have to speak. "Mom, it is time for bed. NOW!" I slowly close the book, lay it down on the table, and give him a big kiss. "Okay, Murphy, let's go to bed."

He smiles up at me, turns around on slow moving hips for his 12 year old body and heads for the bedroom. But not before being sure I am following. We go down the hall and he shuffles to his bed and with great effort gets comfortable with his back leg stretched out until it almost touches his front leg. I crawl down beside him and we snuggle. I love the smell of his golden fur. I love the feel of that warm coat. I love the way he reaches over and licks whatever he can reach on me...usually my arm or hand. We lie there for a few minutes until he gets too hot. I then kiss him goodnight, crawl into bed and continue reading by my small, bedside lamp.

One of my favorite Slices of Life is with my Murphy dog. I know our days are numbered and I do NOT take any of them for granted! I love you, Murphy!!!


Becky said...

What a sweet story. Evokes special memories for me of a year ago here in my home. Enjoy the time together.

T-Dawg said...

Great Slice! I get it, since I have a 14 yr-old girl who engages in the same kind of habitual behavior. Her sight and hearing are not as sharp as they used to be, but she sure responds to touch. Like Murphy, she loves to be hugged before bed. Long may he run...T-Dawg

The Oberlin Kids said...

Okay, you have a song playing while I am looking at your blog. I am feeling a bit corny today and it just made me cry. Maddie just had her 6th birthday party and I am really having trouble getting my head around her being 6. So I guess I am a little emotional. But wow, it really made me stop for a moment, thanks.