Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Slice of Life: Day 3/31

Spring Break for our school system is one month away. Last night we made a decision about what we would do for it. Now we are busy setting into motion those plans with action. We are going to be traveling via air to Arizona with two of our grandchildren. Sound good? Let me tell you more!

First of all, our son is going to school in Arizona to become a chef. He is doing terrific and we are very proud of him. However, his two children, ages seven and four, are living here with their mother. That is why we decided to take them with us to visit. The problem is: they have never flown!

We have the flight...four hours. We have the animals taken care of...well, mostly. Now we just have to get ready mentally for the trip with two kids! We will spend four days there and then fly back alone. The kids are going to stay and come back later with their dad. The trip will be exciting for them and for us to spend all that time with them!

What an interesting slice of life this will be!


Stacey said...

Never flown before?
Pack lots of games & some craft projects!

MaryHelen said...

What a great memory for your grandkids. I loved spending time with my grandma as a kid. Those memories are some of the best. :)

GirlGriot said...

Definitely an interesting trip in store for all of you! Sounds like great fun, and how excellent that your son is in culinary school! Must make dinner at his house quite enjoyable, yes?

Camille said...

You shouldn't be so worried... you've filled hours upon hours for this age for years! Just sit and read them Ramona books and they'll be fine! Oh right...that would be ME!
Pack chewing gum, games and things for little hands to be busy w/. Some people might tell you to slip them a little benadryl! :)
Enjoy the time with them! How wonderful.