Thursday, March 12, 2009

SOL: Day 12/31--Long Live Facebook

SLICE OF LIFE: Day 12/31

We met at the Best Western at 6:55 a.m., jumped in the van and took off for our one hour drive across the flood drenched lands of northern Indiana this morning. Our destination: All Day Conference With Carl Anderson.

Yes, I did learn tons, as I always do from him. Yes, I got to see many of my friends from all across the area. Yes, I DID buy more books. But, my Slice of Life has to be the interacting of Facebook we got today. What fun!

I am a fan of the crazy new fad that is increasing daily. I am hooked. Then Carl talks to us about adding new friends to his site. He is up to 100 now...okay, okay, so it is 101 as of tonight. The deal is, I have relatives all over the USA. Now I can see what they are doing. I have former students also all over the USA. Now I know where they are and what their lives are like after second grade. I have classmates from high school and college that I have not heard from in years. I have found them again. And, yes, I am one of the 'friends' on Carl's list!!

It was so much fun posting small message back to Carl as we drove home from the conference. It was so interesting to see who was added to my friend's list when I got home. I love that Carl says even this form of writing is part of the new digital writing world. Another real reason to write. This is a weird Slice of Life, but in our ever changing world...Long Live Facebook!!!

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