Friday, March 27, 2009

SLICE OF LIFE: Day 27/31 Spring Break here we come...finally!


As the sun was coming up, I was driving into work thinking of Spring Break only a few hours away. I felt like I could handle anything...just get through the day. I knew we were having a meeting to discuss a big project for the day, but how hard could that be on the day before Spring Break? Well....

All eight of the facilitators were assigned a grade level to work out a Case Study. We were to write the case study using any data we had. had to be done in two hours. Talk about scurrying. One of us got on the computer and looked up data. The other went through the basal to find standards. Then one of us got on the computer and typed. The other revised and read off what to type. We wrote, read, reread, rewrote....checked on data. Then we read, wrote, rewrote and reread ....checked on more data. Finally, only 15 minutes late...we were done and had it all handed in to our boss.

Now it is time to party!!! We leave for AZ on Monday morning early with two grandchildren. Glad to be done with work and take a break for a week! Sunshine, here we come!!!

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