Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Slice of Life Day 31-31

Sightseeing in the backseat with a 7-yr old and a 4-year old is a challenge. We went to Scottsdale to see where their dad goes to school. We went to an artsy community and did window shoppung. Going inside was too tempting for little hands. Then came a long car ride to just see the area. We did eat in an all pink Sweet Shoppe that Emma loved. But the ride was too much. At one point Adrian got mad and pinched Emma. Then he was mad @ me because I told him to stop it. He pouted and told us both he didn't like us...oh well, tomorrow is another day!

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Camille said...

ahhhh, the famous 'I don't like you' phrase....it's the best! Because you know they REALLY LOVE you! It always makes me laugh inside when kids say things like that to me. One time a little girl told me all sorts of stuff like that one night at church, she was so mad at me b/c i had her in time out, not playing the games and everything, but by the end of the night i won her over by drowning her in niceness....she then apologized and said I was her best friend! ha! :)