Saturday, March 28, 2009

SLICE OF LIFE: DAY 28/31 Pass the Cell Phone, Please

SLICE OF LIFE: Day 28/31

It was noon and The Big D and I decided to have lunch in our hometown at a local restaurant. It is named after our city and known for the large portions and delicious food. We both knew we were on strict plans to not overeat. However, we could not pass up this chance to enjoy the local atmosphere.

We asked for a booth and were not disappointed. As we made ourselves comfortable, a lady who had come in right after us with a cell phone to her ear, asked to be seated by a window. The window was one of those of long ago that is ceiling to floor and spans the entire restaurant. She settled in and was in our sight range. She continued to talk on her phone. I was thinking, "I guess cell phones are nice when you have to dine alone in a strange town. It must make you feel less lonely."

Just then two men entered the dining area from outside. They walked straight to the woman's table and sat down. She continued to talk on the phone. Our waitress came and we made wise choices of a cup of soup and large salad with the dressing on the side. The group at the window table made their choices, too, all the while she continued to talk on the phone.

We got our meal and dug right in to a huge salad with ham, cheese, boiled eggs and tomatoes. Our neighboring table ate their meals also. I heard the loud sound of laughter coming from the table, but I continued to eat and discuss our plans for the day with DD. I finally looked up to see if the trio was now enjoying their conversation and meal. But, no, the two men continued to eat in silence and she was still on the phone.

As we paid our check and slipped into our jackets, I couldn't help but notice that the younger man had now left the table. The lady and one of the men were still sitting there. And, yes, she was still on the phone. I was amazed at the rudeness and the lack of community between this group of people. What a Slice of Life that was!

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Cathy said...

With the availability we give ourselves now to others with our phone, we often forget to be available to those we are present with...thanks for making me think!