Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SLICE OF LIFE: DAY 25/31 What's Your Teaching Point?


Yesterday I was in a fifth grade classroom. It is one I have worked in all year, so I know the kiddos there really well. In fact, that is one of my "try-it-out" classrooms. I try all my new ideas with those super students. Again yesterday that is what I was doing. We were working on persuasive writing.

I introduced my lesson by telling them what my Teaching Point was: TP-Writers write about things that bother or annoy them. They wrote it in their notebook as the lesson started. The link back to their work, after I modeled for them and they had a try with it with a partner, was to make their list of things that annoyed them. They were great.

Later that day, I was in the room with some visiting teachers from another grade level. I told them of my try with the Teaching Point...telling them and having them write it in the notebook. One of the students happened to still be in the room, so I asked Daniel: "What was the teaching point this morning in my lesson?" Daniel never hesitated..."Writers write about things that annoy them."

Today I was in another building, but I got an email from yesterday's classroom teacher. She said when she did her lesson the kiddos asked... "What is the Teaching Point, Mrs. G.?" I guess the GOT IT!!!

That's my Slice of Life for today!!!


Becky said...

These are the moments that bring big smiles to our faces.

Cathy said...

I love it when the kids internalize it and then throw it back onto the teachers..makes me smile and realize that the kids really do bloom in a workshop environment. When we give them choice and leadership and trust them...they rise to the occasion!