Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SLICE OF LIFE: Day 11/31--Small Moments in the Classroom


Today was one of those days that make me happy to be working where I am doing what I do. I started the day off at a school working with a teacher on data from DIBELS. I know, it takes a special person to like that sort of thing, but I really do. Then I worked in three classrooms. After that I maneuvered around the closed roads due to flooding in our city of three rivers! (What do you expect with three rivers in the spring?) I made it to the office for lunch in time to rush to another building with my boss to do a data meeting with a new principal. The end of my day was spent in writing lessons for another unit of study: Third Grade Feature Articles.

My Slice of Life came from one of the classrooms. I was able to work with a second grade today. My favorite grade. I taught that level for many years and still miss it. I am so happy when some second grade teacher asks me in to work with her/him. Today we were beginning response to literature. They have been talking about books all year, but today we started a formal study. I worked with something I like to call: Pass The Book.

We started off talking about what we like to talk about when we talk about books. We charted our thinking. Then I read the book: SWISH! They loved it! Even if it is about "girls" playing basketball! We quickly circled up on the floor from our previous "mashed potatoes" formation. I started the process by saying, "SWISH! I loved the way the author kept me on the edge of my seat when they were about to lose the game." The book was passed and each student gave their thinking.

They then went back to their seats to make their thinking visible by writing. I pulled up next to one little boy who had written: "I liked it when they won the game." I questioned him more. Then he responded: "At first I was thinking they wouldn't win the game. But then my thinking changed because the ball was going closer and closer to the basket and I thought they would win the game."

What smart thinking for a seven year old. Naturally, I had him write that on his paper and made him famous at sharing time. Little Slices of Life can be found anywhere!


Anonymous said...

I do this "pass the Book" sharing with my class too. They really enjoy it and get a lot out of it.

MaryHelen said...

What a great idea. I love the way you model and then allow for oral thinking prior to the writing. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try this.