Monday, March 2, 2009


Slice of Life: Day 2/31

Today was one of those sunny days that make you wish you were anywhere except inside a room with no windows. That is you wish you were outside experiencing the sunshine until you step outside and realize it is freezing out there. That is how I felt as I left the office to head home tonight.

I left earlier than I normally do, so I was already planning my time before I had to get busy with supper, exercises and other routines. I guess I was day dreaming and driving the same route I usually take home on days I am at the office. Working in a big city (big for me) and living over 30 minutes away, gives me plenty of time to daydream. The problem was, I was earlier than normal and there was more traffic.

I had just turned north to head for the major interstate when it happened. Or I should say, when it almost happened. The road takes a huge fork and half the traffic goes east and the other half goes west. I wanted to go west, but I wanted to be on the far right side of the road. I do this every time I drive on this highway. This time I swerved over to the right side and I heard it. LOUD! A long, loud car horn. Who in the world is doing that? I thought as I continued to be in my own little world of what to have for supper.

I had looked in my mirror. I had looked behind me. I really did NOT see anyone back there. Then I realized he was honking at ME! Can you believe it? A big white truck with a dark-haired man frowning at me was right there. Right where I thought I could easily slide into. I did continue to slip into the lane, I was 3/4 of the way in anyway. What else could I do? I turned, raised my hand as if to say, "Sorry" and kept driving. He followed me for a few blocks and then went to another lane and off to his life.

Slices of life come upon us instantly sometimes. It was just a slice, but it could have been so much worse. I vowed I would be more careful and keep my mind on my driving. But it was a sunny day and I did have lots to plan for. Oh, well, it made a good slice of life story anyway!


Stacey from Two Writing Teachers said...

I had a close call last week. Makes you come right back to reality.

GirlGriot said...

Whoa. That's pretty scary. I'm glad the man in the truck turned and went his way. I'd have been so shaken up by something like that!