Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break Day Six: Pokagon

We got  home from our flight last night at 10:20.  Dave came running out to see us. It was a crazy reunion. I don't know if he was happier to see us or we were happier to see him. We had a lot of catching up to do!

Today we did something that we had started several years ago with Murphy, our last golden retriever.  We always took him to Pokagon State Park in northern Indiana to run the trails and play in the lake. We have done that with Dave every year that we have had him.  We do this on Good Friday. This was Dave's third time to go.

Dave does not like to ride in the car. He gets in my little yellow bug and sits in the back seat. He then puts his head between the seats. He does not look outside. He does not lay down and sleep. He sits there facing front with his head down. Sometimes he glances out the front window, but then immediately puts his head right back down as if to say, "I'm scared." We rode that way the whole 30 minutes to Pokagon.

When we got there and opened the car door, he was outside in a flash and running around the parking lot.  The park is relatively empty this time of year, so he could just make himself at home.  We went to the lake edge first. He sniffed at the lake but the waves were coming in and he didn't want any part of it. We then took Trail 5 and headed for the woods. Dave loved it. He got to be off leash since he stayed right with us. If we saw someone coming we would tell him to SIT and hook him up to the leash until they had passed. We walked for about two hours. There was water along the way and we had to stop to change trails and decide which way to go. Dave would wait patiently until we made up our minds.

We ended back where we had started and took a break to sit and let him just roll in the grass. He loved it. He rolled over and over getting dried leaves all over his coat. He kicked his legs up in the air and just laid there. We all piled back into the car and Dave resumed his position of head down as we drove the 30 minutes back home. Another great day with Dave!

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