Monday, April 16, 2012


One thing I have not blogged about lately is my exercise routine.  Again this year we plan to go to Atlanta for the Fourth of July and run the Peachtree 10K Road Race. That is our one run of the year, but it is the focus of our fitness program!  My running has not started yet and probably won't until the first of May when the weather turns warmer. Still my exercise routine has been going on all year.

We start by waking up early in the morning, like 5:00 and heading out with Dave the Dog for our walk.  We go two miles around the neighborhood in all kinds of weather.  Then in the evening when we get home from work, we take another two mile walk with Dave the Dog. Dave needs the exercise routine as much as we do!

After supper on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, I do my weight lifting.  I focus on upper body strengthening. Then we hit the basement for some Hip Hop Abs. That might be a 30 minute routine or a 40 minute. The 30 minute is for Ab Sculpt and the 40 is for Total Body Burn. We try to get that in two or three times a week. On days that I don't do weights, I do the elliptical for at least 15 minutes and burn around 150 calories.  If it happens to be raining or stormy, we just take Dave out for his duty and then hit the elliptical or the treadmill.

With all that being done, we are hoping we can insert some runs and long bike rides into the mess as soon as the weather gets nice. I am looking forward to retirement so I can spend more time walking with Dave the Dog and exercising any time I want!!!

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