Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Day One: Made it To Arizona

We made it to Tempe, Arizona after leaving home this morning at 4:45. We flew out of Indianapolis, went through Chicago to Denver and landed in Arizona. What a long trip!  We checked into our hotel and headed for Mill Street in Tempe. That means about a two mile walk, but it was worth it.

We got a tip that there was a big Art Fair going and today was the last day. It just happened to be in the middle of Mill Street and side streets attached to it.  The streets were closed and they were filled with vendors selling all kinds of arts and crafts plus on the sides there were various musical instruments with CD's to buy as they played their music.

We walked and walked and walked down one side and then up the other side. I noticed so many people had their dogs with them. Little ones and medium size dogs. The vendors even had bowls or buckets of water out for them, so it must be a common thing. After sitting all day on the plane we were happy to stretch our legs and walk.

We found a restaurant with a patio balcony and chose that for our evening meal...actually the only official meal we had all day! We had a great view of the street with vendors and people. The weather here is actually cooler than it is back in Indiana and with the wind blowing at a top speed, it felt even cooler.  The sun is shining though and it promises to get warmer as the week goes by.  I am SURE we will hit the pool tomorrow even if all we do is sit by it.

Our legs are now as tired as the rest of us and we are ready to call it a night.  It is 9:00 back in the Hoosier state, but only 6:00 here.  The balcony overlooking the hotel's pool is calling me.  I think I will slip out and take in the last of the sunshine as it gets lower in the Arizona sky.

Stay tuned for the rest of our adventures on Spring Break!

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