Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let's Hear it For Best Friends

I have a best friend who is now on a long vacation. She has been gone for several weeks and won't get back until another couple weeks.  I miss having her near enough for me to just pick up the phone and call her. I have gotten a couple post cards and emails whenever she is near to a wifi spot.  Still I miss her.

We have been friends for almost 45 years. We started our teaching careers together. When we met I was married and she was single. She became the god-mother to my son. Then she got married and I was the maid of honor in  her wedding.  I got divorced and she was the one I called after late night dates. When I got married again, she was the only one that we took to the ceremony besides our kids!

She retired before I did even though she is younger. Now she is walking me through the journey of becoming retired. We have walked through the stages of our life together, I am so thankful she has always been there for me. She listens even though she might not agree with me, she gives me advice and doesn't get upset when I don't follow it. She knows more about me than anyone else and yet she still keeps me as her best friend.

That's why when I saw this quote, I knew it was perfect to discribe us. One of my blessings in life is having her for my friend!

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