Friday, April 13, 2012

The Friendly Fox Cafe

Today at noon three of us took off for lunch. We wanted to go somewhere different. We had been going to the same spot all week and even though we love it, we were ready for a change. A few times in the last weeks we had passed a great place to eat, but just didn't stop. Today, we made the choice to go there.

For some reason, it was even better than I remembered it. I just love this place. It is The Friendly Fox in Southwood Park. Nestled right in the middle of a neighborhood it is just perfect to get away and relax.  I feel like I am in a New York Coffee House.  The atmosphere is great. I love the little tables by the window and the hutch with games for kids on the side. Hidden to the side is another room with a fireplace to quietly eat with friends or have a small meeting over lunch. 

Two of us had the quiche---ham and cheese and the other one had a wrap. Both things were awesome! In the background quietly playing was Bach. It made the experience even more relaxing.  I can't wait to bring my best friend here next summer for one of  our Road Trips. 

Put this on your list, Marsha!

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