Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break Day Seven: Crazy Graham

This morning we had a visit from Todd and Graham. They came to help us load up a bookshelf that was going to their house. The bookshelf had been in our basement, but with the redoing of my "space" Todd said he would like it.  It is one that my dad, his grandpa, made. It has great sentimental value and means a lot to us. I am so glad he wanted it.

When it was all loaded on our truck we followed them down to their house to help unload. After the bookshelf was in it's new spot in their basement office, we spent some time with Graham.  He showed us how he could pick up his toys. He showed us how he  knew his colors. He showed us how he could play with his toys. Then he showed us how he could climb the stairs all by himself.

We went outside to see his new sandbox/picnic table and watch him play on the patio. He loved it outside! Then it was time for us to leave. We all went to the driveway. They told Graham to wave at us...and he did. They told Graham to give us kisses...and he did. Then they told him to tell us good-bye one more time.  Graham looked at us, waved his whole arm and said, "GO!"  I guess he was done with us!!!!

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