Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthday Parties--Bamlaku: 2 & Meron: 4

Tonight we went to two birthday parties wrapped up into one!  Meron turned four this month and Bamlaku turned two.  They each had their own birthday cakes. Meron's was a mermaid and Bam's was a cake with horses all around it. That is what they each love right now!

Their house was full of grandparents, brothers and sister, and aunt and uncle. We had a great supper of pulled pork sandwiches and extras. Then we watched while they each opened their presents of clothes and loads of toys.  Each person giving the present got a kiss from each and a thank you.

Next it was time for the singing of Happy Birthday and the blowing out of candles. After that we got to eat cake and ice cream. Shelby even entertained us with the two dances she is currently working on for her June recital. She even did them in costume and without music!

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