Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Day Four: Light Rail to Phoenix

One of the things we had been wanting to do every time we have come to Arizona is to ride the light rail. It is on the edge of Tempe and we have passed many of it's stops. We were not sure exactly where it went or where it could take us. This time we had it on our things-to-do list. We checked it out yesterday when we took our morning walk and one of the citizens even came up to us and answered a lot of our questions. So, today was the day of the ride!

We took our two mile walk to Mill Street and went to the end of it where there is a stop for the  Light Rail. We went to where we could purchase a pass and looked at the box.  Then a young lady came up and swiped her card. We told her we wanted to go on it, but weren't sure how or what to buy. She walked us through the process.  It was quite easy! Then we waited for the train. We have ridden this type of thing in Atlanta and Washington DC and of course the subway in NYC.  We watched the stops and decided to hit downtown Phoenix.

We got off at the convention center and started walking. We went by the sports arenas for the Diamond Backs and the Suns. We walked the grounds of the Hyatt. We finally found a Subway that was opened and serving breakfast so we stopped there and ate at a table outside.  We then had to hurry to catch the rail back to our hotel so we could sign up for our seats on the plane tomorrow.

While riding the Light Rail, I saw something that I have seen on many of the transportations we have gone on.  It was someone reading. I have been collecting these pictures because it just reminds me every time how important reading is.  It isn't just important for our careers, our directions, or our ability to gather the news. It is important because it takes us places and makes us better citizens of the world.

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