Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Pool is Open!!!!

The pool is now open! We spent the weekend floating around in our floating chairs as the weather turned hotter and hotter. We didn't mind the 90 degree heat. We just floated and floated. This was the earliest we have ever been able to enjoy the pool. Never before have we spent so much time in the pool on a May day.

We do have a May tradition. We always jump in the pool and get completely wet and even try to swim at least one time in May. Usually, Darrell dives in and swims under water to the steps on the other side. I stand there with a towel ready to wrap him up and keep him from freezing. I am not that brave. My usual idea of a May swim is to get in gradually. Yes, I do know that it is torture, but I can't help it. I then get up to waist high and just plunge in. I then rush back to the steps and grab a waiting towel. I always feel proud that I make the plunge, but as I am chattering and turning blue, I wonder what in the world was I thinking.

This year it was different. The water was 80 degrees...just right. The air was in the 80's also. So when Darrell did his dive, it wasn't such a brave feat. Then it was my turn. I actually pushed into the water and swam to the side steps, turned around in the water and swam back. It really wasn't that bad!  Not that big a deal to be in the pool in May this year!

In the pool last year with Audrey!


Mrs. V said...

Sounds like a great day! I can just picture you having a peaceful swim, basking in the nice temperature in contrast to other years. Here's to many more great days in the pool throughout the summer.

Ruth Ayres said...

FUN! I'm wondering how you're feeling standing at the split in the road between working and retired. Thinking of you lots right now.