Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Didn't Know it Was Going to Be This Hard!

I started the day at one of the schools that I have worked with for a couple years. They had a professional development and I got to be part of it. The teachers listened, they asked questions, they took away information to help them be even better teachers. As they walked back to their rooms, a few of them came up to me.

"Is it true you are retiring?" they would say.
"Yes," I replied with a smile.
"That is good for you, but not for us. We are going to miss you!"

I didn't know it was going to be this hard.

Later, I was visiting another one of my schools. I was invited to go with our language arts coordinator to watch the IREAD3 intervention. On the ride to the school, we had a chance to chat.

"We have to go to lunch soon," she told me.
"Okay, I can do that, " I told her.
"The only thing is, I am going to really try not to cry," she sniffed. "I just don't know how I am going to do this job without your help next year."

I didn't know it was going to be this hard!


Poll Nike said...
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Lou Ann Homan said...

I didn't know it would be that hard either. I cried every day for two months. Sometimes I actually sat on the floor in the teacher's lounge and sobbed. But...things were different. Mr. K. was gone. Kimberly was gone. The golden age of Hamilton was gone. Once I finally walked out the door, I walked out alone and I have never been back, not once. I knew it would be like that for me...close the door and open all the windows. Sometimes I miss the old days, the people, the events (OMG, the events!) but life has a way of lifting us up and carrying us to the new places where we can thrive and give and think and continue. So, chin up and with glistening ears walk the walk in five days.

Kathy said...

How true. I know it's time, but it will never be the same. Such memories and experiences. Done things and met people I never would have believed it possible. I am cherishing every moment and keeping a journal of the days. I'm expecting new experiences, challenges and excitement. This chapter is over but the book is certainly not done. Thanks for helping me keep my eyes open!