Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dave's Swimming Adventure!

What a silly dog!
Tonight the weather was perfect to be outside. I was watering our flowers around the pool in our backyard. I always take the hose and pull it as far as I can. That way it doesn't get into the flower beds and disturb the plants. Dave, the dog, was keeping out of the way of the hose and water. He is not a fan of the scary water spray!

Darrell was cleaning off the cover of the pool cover. It protects the pool solar cover when it is rolled up so it doesn't get too hot and dry up. The solar cover was on the pool so perhaps the water will get warm enough to let us swim this weekend! As I was helping him, he would use the brush after I sprayed the cover. All of a sudden, Darrell yelled, "The dog's in the pool!" 

Sure enough when I turned around, there was Dave struggling to swim through not just the water, but also the pool cover!  He was headed for the middle of the pool. We yelled for him to come to the side where we were.  He turned and paddled over, looking scared and confused. I am sure he thought that cover would hold him. It had been holding the birds all day!

I reached down and grabbed his front paws as he gripped the side of the pool.  I pulled his 104 pound body as far out of the water as I could. Darrell came over and lifted the heavy rear end completely out and sat him on the ground. Dave ran to the grassy area and began to shake off the water and roll in the grass.  He was not a happy camper!

Hopefully, this will keep him out of the pool for another summer season!
No more swimming pools for me!

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