Monday, May 28, 2012


Today is the day that is set aside to remember those who have served to keep us free. One day to thank those men and women who put their life in harms way so we can enjoy the freedoms of this country. There are flags on graves, parades in many towns and cities, and even some fireworks to remind us of what they have done. 

Is it really enough to just set aside one day to remember?  Is it really enough to have one day of fireworks to remember? What about one day to stop and thank those service men and women?

In World War II, my father served along with his younger brother, Aaron. They were not even too far from each other, but didn't get to see each other. That is when my dad received the news that his brother had been killed. This was, of course, before I was born. I heard the story many times and it always made me sad. How unfair. But my dad never complained. It was his duty and he did it willingly and proudly.

This last week our town lost one of their own. Even though I did not know this young man, many people I know did. How difficult it must be for that mother. How difficult it must be for that wife raising a little son. My heart goes out to them all. But even more than that, my gratitude goes to them. They sacrificed something so I could have my freedom. Saying THANK YOU just doesn't seem to be enough.

No, maybe we should have fireworks every night to thank these troops for what they are doing for us. Maybe every day there should be parades shouting our thanks to them. But, the very least we can do is not forget on this holiday weekend to stop and thank these heroes!

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