Friday, June 1, 2012

Retirement Open House

Special thanks to Kattie Normand for the awesome cake
On Wednesday night, we had our retirement Open House. The theme of our party was Children's Literature.  We each handed in a list of our favorite children's book. A poster with our name on the top and a list of those books was hanging for all to see when they came to the party. On another table, each of us had one of those books, a cake depicting that book and another gift. On the last table there were two big cakes and other refreshments.

What a great night we had. So many people came to congratulate us and share memories. It was wonderful. I couldn't help remembering the first time I had been in the Grile Board Room. It was when I was there for orientation seven years ago. I had looked around the room and only saw very young, new teachers. I am so fortunate that FWCS believed in hiring people who are qualified for the job...not just the new teachers because they are cheaper.

The night was bittersweet. I am finished with this chapter of my life, but certainly not the book. What the next chapter will be is still not determined. I am sure it will be something challenging and exciting.

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