Sunday, May 6, 2012

Graham Loves Numbers!

No one would be surprised to know that Graham likes books. Being his grandmother, I naturally encouraged this by getting him books and reading to him whenever I could. He now can pick out colors...especially BLUE!  He can find the letter K. And he loves to find Mickey and the gang!

I doubt if anyone would even be surprised to find out that Graham likes to write. He has markers to use in his bathtub which he uses to "write". He has window crayons to write on grandma's patio windows, which he does but gets most of it on him! Our only worry is that he might not realize that he is not supposed to write on the walls! (He hasn't done it yet!)

But what people might be surprised to find out is that Graham LOVES numbers! When looking at a book the thing that he always goes to first is the number on the bottom of the page. He points to it and says in his Graham-language: "What's this?" Today I brought him an old book that used to belong to his dad. It was a Richard Scarry book called: One, Two, Three. He look at the cover, pointed to the numeral 2 and said, "Two".  Then pointed to the numeral 3 and said, "Three".  While looking through the book, we got to the page with an eight on the top. He pointed right to it and said, "Eight!" How did this with a grandson who LOVES numbers!!!!!

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