Friday, March 9, 2012

Slice of Life Day Nine: Breakfasts in Douglasville

For my Slice of Life pieces this year, I am writing about my 43 years of teaching.  I thought this would be a great way to keep my memories and stories. 

While teaching second grade I had decided to call our classroom Douglasville to promote the idea of community and bonding.  One of the units of study that we had every fall, was the Food Groups.  This was part of the Health unit, but we incorporated reading, writing and science into the unit. 

We would go on many field trips during this unit of study.  We would always visit an apple orchard in our community.  We had wagon rides through the orchard, made apple cider and of course got to take home an apple.  We used to visit Kellogg's in Battle Creek, Michigan for years.  It was great to walk through the factory and see exactly how they made corn flakes. We all got to take home a box of our favorite cereal. 

We sometimes went to a pickle factory where we saw the vats that kept the pickles. At the end of our tour there, we would all get a big jar of pickles.  A few times we went to visit Atz ice cream and took a tour of the factory to see how ice cream was made. We also went to Seiferts' potato chip factory a took a tour there, too.  We even got to see the famous chips that seemed to look like famous people.  The lady from Fort Wayne who collected them even got to be on the Tonight Show.

After studying the many types of food, we would plan to have a breakfast at school.  Everyone had a job to do for the breakfast.  Then one day we would have toast, cereal, orange juice and milk.  The smells of this food would rush down the halls making everyone else in the building jealous of our feast.  What a perfect way to study health!

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elsie said...

You were so lucky to be able to visit so many different kinds of factories. I bet the kids were in awe. Now, I want to go make some breakfast after reading your post. :-]