Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Slice of Life Day 13: Is It Really Spring?

Today it was 70 in northern Indiana.  That is unheard of in March!  We are used to having our last snow storms the first weeks in March  during our March-madness basketball tourneys.  I am all in favor of the warm spring weather.

Tonight we took our usual two-mile walk around our neighborhood with Dave, our golden retreiver.  We have been wearing two pairs of pants, a sweatshirt, a hoodie and another heavy winter coat over that.  Tonight we wore light pants and thin shirts...that's it!  So much  nicer than pulling on all those clothes. 

The neighbors were out in their yards.  Young kids were playing basketball in the driveways. We met other walkers walking their dogs, too.  We saw some who were jogging in shorts and t-shirts.  Little kids were playing with balls and toys outside their garages. Boys whizzed by us on bikes. 

The sun was shining.  The air was warm. The flowers are peeking their leaves out of the ground to see if it really is warm enough to come all the way out. I can hear the birds singing even in the early morning darkness.  If this isn't spring, it sure is a bad joke!!!


MaryHelen said...

I so agree with your last line. I do hope the warm weather is here to stay. My kids have been playing outside with friends and our spirits are up. Enjoy.

Ruth Ayres said...

It has been nice to taste spring...although I kinda miss the layers of exercise clothes and the crisp air that tingles my nose.

Hoping to see you someday soon!