Monday, March 12, 2012

Slice of Life Day 12: Spring Forward

It's time for the Time Change again this year.  The annual "spring forward" is here.  I am  not a fan of the Time Change.  I am not the type person who resists 'any' change. After all, my word of the year is: flexible.  I am open to doing things in a different, out-of-the-box sort os way.  But, please, don't take my newly lit mornings away from me already!

I know the nights will be light longer.  I know I will fit in that extra walk with Dave, my golden retriever.  I know I will get more done at night just because it has fooled me into thinking it is earlier than it is.  But...

The mornings!!!!  I leave home before 7:00 and it is DARK.  There doesn't even seem to be the promise of light yet at that hour.  When I make it to my destination, it is a little lighter, but not enough.  Just last week I could hear the birds as I walked to my car in the morning.  Just last week I could actually SEE the sun as I walked into the building.  Just last week it seemed that spring was just around the corner.  Don't take my glorious bright mornings from me already!

Everyone says that after Spring Break, it will be light in the morning again.  That's what they say.  But right now, that doesn't help.  It is still very dark as I drive into the big city.  It is very dark when I travel that long highway.  It is very dark when I begin my day.  Hurry up spring!


Beth said...

Started the morning with teenagers at 7:10 today, made sure our Monday wake-up mix was on, opened the blinds wide, worked on welcoming spring by creating figurative language flowers since I knew there energy would be lacking today. Thanks for articulating how it feels at dark-thirty as my co-workers says, it feels especially hard in the beginning.

newtreemom said...

I do not enjoy the time change...whether it is 'fall back" or "spring forward" it does crazy things to my internal clock. But I always take a moment to laugh about it, remembering my fifth grade teacher and her time change story. She said there was an Indian (don't know why the story needed an Indian) who was quite tall. When he went to sleep at night, his feet would stick out of his blanket. After giving much thought to his problem, he came up with a solution. He cut a foot off the top of his blanket and sewed it onto the bottom. "Now that," he said, "is much better!"