Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slice of Life Day 14: My New Best Friend

Almost everyone has a best friend.  Someone they love to spend time with, telling secrets to, share things with. Someone who is so special you know your life is better just by having that them as a friend!  I got my new best friend just 2 1/2 years ago.  His  name is Dave!

No, it is not my husband...although he really is my very best friend.  Or my son...who I love dearly.  It is a big, loveable golden retriever.  When we lost our last golden, we thought we would never find another one we could love as much.  Then we got Dave.  I can't say we love him more, but just in a different way.

We spend as much time as possible with him.  He is my faithful walking partner.  We walk two miles every morning and every evening.  In the summer we add another four miles to that routine in the afternoon.  We have games we enjoy, like "find it", rope pull, catch the ball and tag.  He listens to my stories about school.  He is the best cuddle puppy you could ask for, too. 

Before we got him, my husband was sure he did not want another dog.  It just hurt too much when we lost one.  However, I kept up the persuasive treatment.  I told him if we got a dog, he could name him.  My husband thought he had me then.  He said, "Okay, we will call him Dave."  He thought I would say, "No way!"  Then we would not get a dog.  Little did he know that I could care less what we called him...I just wanted a dog!!!  So we found our puppy and named him Tucker's Star of David, (his father's name was Tucker).  He became our Dave.  It is the perfect name for him. The perfect name for my new best friend!


elsie said...

He is beautiful! Wow that's a lot of walking you two do! I like the way you explained how he got his name. I always kind of wondered. Now I know.

SueB said...

What a wonderful new best friend and he's keeping you very physically fit!

Anonymous said...

I noticed Dave has scarfs with his name on it. I can see why he is your "bestie". Dogs add so much to our lives ( ut-oh the cats want me to mention them, too) :)

Anonymous said...

ut-oh...scarves I mean :) Perhaps I should have used the word bandannas...ha