Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Slice of Life Day 28:Approximation

"Approximation is thse beginning of learning."
                                                                  --Lucy Calkins

I have been working on getting new curriculum ready for next school year. The Common Core Standards are on our doorsteps and we want to be prepared for them. Writing new curriculum for an entire district is an overwhelming thought and task.  While I was reading through Lucy Calkins' work on writing for the common core, I came upon this statement. I immediately fell in love with it.  It is SO what I believe.

Over and over I see teachers who think that students' work needs to be "fixed" to perfection. A child revises and edits and then the teacher says, "Do it again." Over and over and over the child works to get it "right".  Is there any wonder that children begin to dislike writing? How sad.

I continue to use another of Lucy's quotes: "You are teaching the writer, not the writing." Not sure anyone is listening. I also tell them if they teach one thing in the child's piece, they have done their job.  The child will make the other mistakes again, you don't have to teach all of the mistakes right now!

I feel the best thing we can teach is that the children believe they are writers!  So, let's hear it for approximation!

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