Friday, March 23, 2012

Slice of Life Day 23: Another GREAT Reason to Retire

If you have been following my blog, you know that after 43 years of teaching I have finally decided to retire! I know it is the right time.  I am not sure what will come next. I have cleaned a corner of the basement for reading and writing.  I have books boxed up to take to classrooms. I am cleaning out file folders and desk drawers. It is feeling great to unclutter my life. I am still reading professional books and articles. That probably will never end, it is just a part of me.

One of the reasons I want to retire is to have more time to work out. My husband and I walk with Dave, our golden retriever, every morning and again at night. We have a work out room in the basement where we do weights and workout routines from videos. But, I want to walk in the middle of the afternoon. I want to get back to running without having to head right to bed afterward. I want to get the bike back down and go for those long bike rides again. Yes, exercising like I want, is a reason to retire.

I also want to be able to travel. I absolutely LOVE New York City!  I love the theater. I love walking the Brooklyn Bridge. I love shopping in Manhattan. I love Central Park. I want to be able to visit that great city more often. We have been planning a trip to Hawaii for a  long time. That is going to take a long I will be able to do that. I have past students all over the USA and would love to visit them! So, traveling is a reason to retire.

Playing and being with Dave is a very important reason to retire. I want to take more walks, play more ball, and cuddle on cold rainy days. I want to take him to agility. I want to go to the state park in the fall and walk the trails.  Not sure Dave is so excited about my retiring, but that is a reason to retire.

However, today I have the best reason of all to retire. We got a peek at our newest grandchild. It is just a "picture", but it is enough to get us excited. ANOTHER REASON TO RETIRE IS TO SPEND TIME WITH MY NEW GRAND DAUGHTER!!!!


CBethM said...

That is wonderful news!!! Congratulations! My mom just retired and my son is really excited about the extra time that she has to spend with him so far.

elsie said...

You found the best reason to retire. Congratulations! Working is great, but the freedom after a career is wonderful. Even though I work part-time(but the prep is full time), I love the freedom to create my own schedule and travel off season. That's the best!

Tam said...

Yes, retire while you can do all of these things eith ease. You have some terrific plans!

SueB said...

You have wonderful reasons to retire coupled with wonderful memories!