Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slice of Life Day 22:Biker Chick is BACK!

The weather here in Indiana has been unseasonably warm.  In fact, it has been about 30 degrees warmer than normal. We feel like we are in the middle of June instead of the end of March. Our trees are turning a light shade of green.  Our flowers are budding and I have even seen some dandelions. 

My husband decided to get the lawn fertilized before it rains tomorrow...or at least they are calling for rain. He was out there about half an hour walking the lawn with the spreader. I stayed in the basement doing my exercise routine. Before I knew it, he called me to come outside.

I went out and there it was. I had been hinting casually over the last few really nice days, but I didn't think it would happen before at least May. I was rather surprised. A smile spread across my face. I went in and changed into a heavier t-shirt and rushed back outside.

Time for the first Harley ride of the year.  Biker-chick is BACK!  YEAH!!!

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Ruth said...

Awesome! Perfect weather for it--I've been hearing the bikes around town for several days.