Friday, March 30, 2012

Slice of Life Day 30: Graham's Discoveries

One of my favorite things to blog about is my grandson, Graham.  He will be two years old in August. It has been such an adventure watching him change over the months. I love to watch him discover new things. Being the grandma instead of the  mom has allowed me to sit back and enjoy the adventure of growth. I was way too busy and too new to do that with my son, Graham's dad.

Last weekend Graham was exploring a Big Book that I brought him. I had cleaned some of the books from my collection in the basement as I was getting ready for retirement. I just thought he might enjoy a few of the old kindergarten big books that I had been storing to use in writer's workshops. Graham was thrilled with them.

We got down on the living room floor and spread out with the book in front of us. I turned the pages and talked to him about what we saw. Then I closed it and he took a turn, turning the pages more than one at a time. That's okay, he was loving it.  Then he spotted the page numbers on the corners of each page. He became fascinated with those numbers. He would point to one and say in his almost two-year-old voice, "What's that?"  I would say the number and he would turn the page, never bothering to look at the words or pictures. He did this over and over and over. Do you think I have a mathematician in the family???

This spring another thing he has discovered is the outdoors. He loves balls and has so much fun with the basketball on the driveway. Here are a couple pictures of him with the basketball.  Being a grandma is the best thing ever!

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Valerie said...

Kathy, Graham is adorable. I love the way you describe your relationship with Graham and how you can take the time to notice all the special little things he does. You make being a grandparent sound wonderful. Enjoy those young years with him because you know how they fly by.