Thursday, July 10, 2008


On Tuesday, a few of us decided to take off and do some shopping in Shipshewana. For you non-Hoosiers, Shipshe is a very laid back farming community full of many Amish families. You see hay stacks, buggies and more horses than cars...on usual days. However on Tuesday and Wednesday the flea market hits the town and so do hundreds of people out for a "good deal".

We left Churbusco at 8:00ish and drove an hour with lists in our hands or mind and money in our pockets. We were ready to hit those booths. We shopped for about three hours. We got plants, fresh veggies, luggage and sheets. Just when we were about to finish up, here it came. The biggest down pour you have ever seen. It just dumped out the rain. AND it kept coming and coming and coming.

Three of us had bought rain ponchos for $1.00 earlier in the day because it just looked like it could rain. Barb had brought her own umbrella, so she didn't need a poncho. We were not too proud to slip those babies on and wear them up and down the aisles in the gushing rain. We finally stopped and headed for the truck. There around it was a huge lake. We had to wade into it so we could leave.

Next on our agenda was eating. We headed for the Blue Gate. That is a restaurant known for it's Amish cooking. We tried their apple butter and peanut butter while we waited for our orders. After eating we had to stop by the bakery. Leaving at 2:30, still in the rain, we decided we had gotten everything we wanted, plus more, and had, had a wonderful day. Here is a glimpse of the Terrific Trio modeling the newest fashion in rain gear!!!


Sarah Amick said...

You guys are hot I tell you. I bet you were beating those Amish boys off with a stick!
Glad to hear that you are enjoying some of your summer and not stuck in the administration office!

Jen Barney said...


ourfamily said...

Love the rain slicker! It is fun to read all the enjoyable things you are doing this summer. Wonderful to see all the things you are doing for YOU!