Thursday, July 17, 2008


I have had a few days to just stay home, read and enjoy the pool. That is my ideal summer past time. Many times I am just too busy to do it. This week has been a dream for me. Not only did I have the time, but also the weather was awesome. Here are some pictures of where I spend my time.

Here is the deck where I sit for lunch, take time to read or just watch the birds. The flowers at the bottom of the deck are doing great this year.
I just got two new shepherd's hooks for some hanging baskets. This was just the touch the south end of the pool needed.
Most of my time, however, is spent right here. I am either on the deck chair, reading away or in the pool floating around with a pop in the holder and a book in my hand. This is really my favorite spot when I am home in the summer. Just wish our summers were longer!


Jen Barney said...

WOW!! That's what I am talking about! Love the pool.

Annalyse said...

Your pool looks amazing! It looks so nice and relaxing. I'm glad you finally found time to hang out there!

ourfamily said...

Beautiful! Looks like a great place to take a book and relax!

Kelli said...

Your yard is so pretty. I'm so jealous of your pool.