Tuesday, July 22, 2008


As I promised, here are more pictures from the pool party on Saturday. When we got ready to go outside and eat on the patio, the drizzle of rain came. We still sat out under the umbrella on the table. We were planning on getting wet anyway and it wasn't cold, so we stayed and ate there. The rain continued, but we made the best of it.

Really, Audrey was the only one that didn't get wet. She sat in her holder and Jay put a big umbrella over her. She never even knew it was raining. She just went right to sleep while the rest of us played in the pool and the rain.
We had many goofy things going on in the pool. Jennifer and Gage were trying to push each other under or see who could splash who. I took pictures with lots of rain spots on the camera. DD did a lot of floating and teasing whenever he could. Emma made a train with the noodles. Angie was the cabbose and Emma was the engine. Adrian said he was Thomas. I didn't get that until he said: Thomas The Train! Silly Grandma!!!
After lots of pool time we came in and played games. Oliver, the cat, thought this was great. He made himself right at home on Adrian's towel. He fell asleep while Adrian checked out the rules of the game.
At last everyone was awake and ready for the ice cream cookies. Now it was Grandma's turn to hold Audrey. We had lots of fun just sitting and watching the lights on the ceiling and anything else that caught our eye!

What a Wonderful Time at The Pool With Family!

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