Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Utah Views and Sights

We are in Utah for our summer trip. Actually, we are here to celebrate Darrell's mom's 80th birthday. I will be adding some pictures of that soon. We landed in Salt Lake City and went to find some place to eat. We went to a deli and sat outside. This is the view we had from there!
On Sunday we celebrated the birthday with a picnic at Canyon View Park. It is common for all the cousins to play a game of baseball. Here they are playing with the mountains in the background. Isn't it beautiful?

There was a small stream flowing right by our picnic spot. The kiddos thought that was perfect for stepping through, finding crabs, and splashing. What a great place to celebrate Father's Day and also an 80th birthday!

I am doing my blogging today at my neice's house. Check out The Anderson Family blog for more pictures!!! Thanks, Annalyse!!!


Jen Barney said...

Hey! This is beautiful!!!
LOVE the new additions to your page!

Kelli said...

What cute pictures!! By the way, I like your new layout.